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Should I Take a Chemical Test (breath, blood or urine)?

Should I Take a Chemical Test (breath, blood or urine)?

If you have had less than one drink per hour or you think you will pass a chemical test, then yes, take the test. If you don't think you will pass or you have had more than one drink per hour, you can refuse the test. Additionally, if it is your first alcohol related enforcement, you can refuse and with the help of a DUI defense attorney, you may be able to save your license. The legal team at First Defense D.U.I./Traffic Law has had experience protecting clients’ drivers licenses in the past and can work to protect yours if you have found yourself in a similar situation.

There is an exception to this rule that is important to remember: the city of St Louis will require a trial. In the other jurisdictions, the Department of Revenue will "confess the judgment"' meaning you won't lose your license if you refuse.

If you have any questions about whether to take the test, even in the middle of the night, call Attorney George Johnson at (314) 849-2889. He will always answer the phone live and does not charge for the call.